family and friends videos ... rerun the fun

If your treasured videos of family and friends are stored on formats that can’t easily be viewed, or may deteriorate over time, we can transfer your tapes to DVD or other digital formats.

This will preserve your video footage for the future, maintain the quality, and make it easier to view.

We can transfer your VHS, Video8, Hi8, Digital8 tapes or even your old 8mm and 16mm Film Cinereels onto DVD, mini DV or QuickTime movie (suitable for uploading to Youtube or Facebook)

If you'd like. we have the option to package your DVD/s in an Amaray-style case, with a custom designed printed cover featuring a still image from your footage or a photo supplied by you, together with a title on the front and spine. And if required, we can also create chapters, chapter headings and a menu for the DVD.